Wednesday, April 13, 2011

Strawberry Season is OPEN!!

Washington Farms is officially Open for Strawberry Season!!!

Today starts the first day of strawberry season!  Both Loganville and Watkinsville farms are open for public picking at 8:00AM!  Since its the beginning of the season, the berries are scattered, but they are looking GREAT!   Grab your Washington Farms' buckets and a big appetite and come out to pick some delicious strawberries!!  As always, its a good idea to call before you come to the farm to make sure we don't get picked out.


  1. We're so excited! See you tomorrow (Saturday) if it's not raining!

  2. I'll take all 20 buckets PLEASE! Is there such thing as eating too much Strawberries? Will a Strawberry a day, keep the doctor away? If a Strawberry fall of the plant and no one is there to see it, will it make a noise? If a strawberry has a rash, do you put cream on it? and finally.. What did a Washington Farm Strawbery said to another Washington Farm Strawberry? "if we weren't so sweet we wouldn't be in this jam!" ~ Can't wait to go and pick me up some strawberries!